a delightful surprise (a poem)


You were,
and continue to be,
the most delightful surprise.

In ten days we prepared for you,
though our hearts and minds
had been hoping
so long that our souls ached.
We feverishly packed the car
and drove through
and rain
and anticipation
to meet you.

Nothing could have prepared us
for how we would cherish you.
The love is a deep well,
warm like a cup of hot cocoa
after playing in the snow.
To think:
This is but
a minuscule peek
at how our Father loves us.

My searching for
ways to make a moment
more valuable
ceased when my arms felt
your featherweight for the first time.
Hours spent
inhaling your newborn scent
were not wasted.
They need not be redeemed.

The wiping
and feeding
and splashing baths
are a service rendered,
an offering of thanksgiving
to God,
Who made you our son.

May our hearts always
remember how you came to us;
to call it a miracle seems insufficient
as we watch you grow.

The slow, small kick of your leg
quickly turned into running,
and now we enjoy
watching you choose—
Will it be the ball or the blocks tonight?
Your tiny feet carry a body
that is powerful and
ready for action.

Your laugh rings
like the clearest bell,
your round eyes sparkling,
bright and beautiful.
You speak,
and our ears itch
to hear more of your
cheerful voice.

Watching you grow is an honor
bestowed upon us;
we will never tire of loving you,
our delightful surprise.

A quick detour into poetry doesn’t mean I forgot about sharing our story! Check back in one week for Part 2! If you missed Part 1, click here.

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